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Technology neutral tender 2019 determined

Press release   •   Dec 06, 2019 06:00 CET

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The technology neutral tender round for 2019 has now been determined and has resulted in a record low level of aid to onshore wind turbines and solar PV. The budget for the tender round was DKK 258 million (2019 prices) with a bid cap of 6 øre per kWh.

The technology neutral tender, which was open for bids from 27 September 2019 with a deadline for bids 27 November 2019 has now been determined.

The Danish Energy Agency has received in total 7 bids with projects of 135 MW onshore wind turbines and 136 MW solar PV installations (DC capacity). In total, it is expected that 7 contracts will be signed including 2 contracts with 72 MW onshore turbines, 2 contracts with 97 MW onshore turbines and solar PV installations and 3 contracts with 83 MW solar PV installations. This corresponds to 181 MW onshore wind equivalents or the electricity consumption of approx. 154,000 Danish households. The weighted average price premium of the winning bids is 1.54 øre per kWh or approx. 0.21 Eurocent per kWh.

Wind and solar PV installations covered by the winning bids must be connected to the grid within two years from contract signing and the aid period is 20 years. The price premium is granted as pay-as-bid meaning that each winning tenderers will receive the price premium that was including in their bid on top of the market price for electricity.

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