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Significant Danish marking at the opening of the international wind conference in Beijing November 15, 2012

Press release   •   Nov 22, 2012 01:00 CET

Week 46 the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building incl. Danish Energy Agency attended several high-level energy meetings in Beijing. The delegation was led by Head of Department in the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, Morten Bæk.

The annual international wind conference ”China Wind Power 2012” opened November 15, 2012 with clear markings of the Sino-Danish energy cooperation. The Chinese Vice Minister Liu Qi opened the conference and attending the official opening as keynote speakers were both the Danish ambassador in China, Friis Arne Petersen, and Head of Department in the Danish ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, Morten Bæk.

Read Morten Bæk’s speach here.

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After the opening the Chinese Vice Minister met with Morten Bæk for a bilateral Sino-Danish high level meeting about the Danish experiences within wind where among others Vestas, the Danish Energy Agency and the Technical University of Denmark contributed with presentations. Among the main topics were Danish experiences with quality of wind turbines and reliability of the power grid. Moreover Danish experiences with the establishment of a master data register for wind turbines were presented and discussed. The established cooperation between the Danish Energy Agency and China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) was emphasised as a significant Sino-Danish initiative for the expansion of wind power including Danish experiences with integration of an increasing share of wind power in the power sector. Also the ongoing work with the 2050 scenario analyses on China’s climate and energy development was mentioned along with a coming pilot project in the Ningxia province about among others integration of wind power in the power grid.

See the Danish Energy Agency’s contribution about a master data register here.

First meeting in the steering committee between the Chinese ministry of energy and the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building was conducted November 15, 2012.

In connection with the Chinese president Hu Jintao’s visit to Denmark in June 2012, the Danish minister for Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese ministry of energy. The focal point of the Memorandum of Understanding is the Danish Energy Agency’s cooperation with China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) in Beijing. November 15 Morten Bæk attended the first official meeting in the steering committee under this Memorandum of Understanding. The meeting was covered by the Chinese Vice Minister Liu Qi, who most recently was in Denmark in connection with the 3GF meeting in October.

At the meeting CNREC and the Danish Energy Agency had the opportunity to present the outcome of the cooperation in 2012 and the work plan for 2013. From both Chinese and Danish part there was much contentment with the achieved results and with the further cooperation in which Danish experiences within energy are included substantially contribute to the Chinese efforts to introduce more renewable energy. Especially highlighted was the initiation of a new long-term energy scenario work for China for the period until 2050 for wind, solar, biogas, biomass and bio fuels as an exciting and distinctive initiative in the Sino-Danish energy cooperation.

Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard’s upcoming visit to Beijing December 17-19 was also discussed during the meeting.

The meeting – and not least the Chinese attendance on Vice Ministerial level – indicates that Denmark has a significant position in China concerning energy and that China prioritises the cooperation and the opportunities to draw on the experiences of the Danish Energy Agency.

From the Danish Energy Agency the meeting was covered by Anton Beck and Anders Højgaard Kristensen.

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