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Mexico: Workshop on Energy Planning, Scenario Development and Modelling in Mexico

Press release   •   Feb 18, 2014 01:00 CET

Issues and challenges in the Mexican power sector were discussed during a two day workshop on energy planning, scenario development and modelling hosted by Mexico’s secretariat of Energy (SENER) in mid-February.

Discussions during this workshop acknowledged potential benefit for all stakeholders through the Climate and Energy program. The LCTU expert Edward James-Smith presented Danish Energy Policy and Regulatory Tools. This, along with presentations on The Danish Power Market and National Analysis on Security of Electricity Supply, by other experts from the Danish Energy Agency, served as a basis for discussions on Danish input through the Climate and Energy Program.

SENER, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), and the federal electricity commission (CFE) presented project ideas and areas of interest where Danish experience and expertise could be utilized though the Climate and Energy program. The activity during this workshop showed great interest in various topics within the program by SENER, CRE and CFE.

The SENER division for sustainability highlighted the following activities:

  • Policy modelling workshop in April on system operation and investments in the power sector including stakeholders such as universities and technical institutions
  • Long term visits for system operators and PhD students etc. to Denmark to gain experience in specialised areas relating to wind power
  • Visit to Denmark by SENER planned in late May or early June

The SENER department for renewable energy drew attention to the following:

  • Integration of wind power in general
  • Tax incentives used in Denmark for promoting renewable energy
  • Study on options for replacing fuel oil-fired generation with renewable energy
  • Integrated renewable energy solutions in buildings
  • Distributed generation schemes
  • Challenges on the distribution grid for absorbing distributed generation

The SENER bioenergy department is very interested in activating the program to cover the following issues:

  • Advice on Danish experiences with thermal power generating technologies using biomass with focus on forest residue
  • Capacity building in the forestry sector on supplying biomass to power generators
  • A technology assessment of waste incineration in the Mexican context
  • Development of capacity in SENER for undertaking monitoring and evaluation of biomass use in Mexico
  • Assess technical solutions for the use of large scale biogas in Mexico
  • Visit to Denmark by biofuels division in May

The CRE highlighted the following topics for cooperation under the program:

  • Incentives in regulation for promoting renewable energy with focus on voluntary agreements and taxation policies
  • Policies on smart grids and regulatory implementation of smart grids
  • Comments on the regulatory roadmap for smart grids in April
  • The CFE requested the following activities:
  • Technical and economic assessment for identifying areas suitable for wind power development
  • Studies indicating the extent that wind power can be absorbed into the Mexican power system

This input will be a part of further development and implementation of the LCTU Climate and Energy program.

The Danish Power Market
The Danish Energy Policy and Regulatory Tools
National Analysis on Security of Electricity Supply

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