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Mexico: Mexico’s National Baseline Scenario: A Comparison Exercise in Collaboration with Denmark

Press release   •   Jul 03, 2013 02:00 CEST

New collaborative project report between the LCTU and Mexican Authorities (SEMARNAT and INECC) on comparing national emission baselines in Mexico is available. To get the report please click here.

Mexico has been a first mover on many international issues not least on climate change actions. In June 2012 the General Law of Climate Change was signed by President Calderon making Mexico one of the few developing countries to have a domestic law addressing climate change including specific emission targets relative to a baseline scenario. This law is the foundation on which the National Climate Change Strategy, published in June 2013, was built. A key element of the strategy is a revision of the national baseline scenario from which the emission reduction targets will be measured.

Building on previous good partnership from the workstream on national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baselines in developing countries, the LCTU, SEMARNAT, and INECC initiated a GHG baseline comparison exercise with the aim of accessing the uncertainty of assumptions and gaining a sense of the robustness of the baseline scenario. The Mexican authorities have attached great importance to an open and transparent process and stress that robustness and transparency are fundamental for creating credibility about mitigation targets and compliance both nationally and internationally. The baseline comparison exercise has increased the information about greenhouse gas projections and strengthened the decision making and planning process in Mexico, according to the National Climate Change Strategy (cf. Methodological Annex).

The results of the baseline comparison exercise was presented at a side event on the 10th of June at the Bonn Climate Change Conference.