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Great Demand for the LCTU Baseline Work

Press release   •   May 07, 2014 02:00 CEST

Report presenting good practices in developing countries’ baseline development serves as support for developing countries to secure transparency in baseline development.

The annual Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) workshop for Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe was this year situated in Laos 22-25 April. During the workshop the LCTU expert Lena Lindbjerg Sperling presented the baseline report prepared in cooperation with OECD and the UNEP Risø Centre. The report, published last year, presents experiences from ten developing countries when developing national baseline scenarios. The experiences are evaluated by the authors and synthesized into 15 overall good practices useable for government agencies in their baseline development. The full report can be found here

The countries, which participated in the workshop, were at very different levels with respect to the development and implementation of their NAMAs, and thereby also their baseline development. However, most countries will need to consider their national baseline scenarios for the coming COP20 in Lima, where developing countries will put forward their contributions to the post-2020 agreement. It was decided at the COP19 in Warsaw that the contributions will be put forward in a clear and transparent way. The UNFCCC will therefore ask countries to provide detailed information on the assumptions and methodologies behind their contributions.

In this respect the UNFCCC sees the LCTU baseline work as a valuable support for developing countries: “Because the next contributions will have to be followed by more detailed information there is going to be an increased demand for technical support from the developing countries. And the DEA is one of only a few providing the technical support and expertise greatly needed”, states the UNFCCC program officer Tshering Dolma Sherpa.

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