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China: The final stage of 12 Joint Sino-Danish research and demonstration projects

Press release   •   Dec 17, 2014 01:00 CET

The Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Program has supported 12 research projects between Chinese and Danish research institutes, universities and companies. As the program is being concluded by the end of December 2014 all the projects are now being finalised.

The 12 projects, also known as the C2-projects, represent a wide range of projects from developing micro grid solutions to testing of solar heating/cooling technologies and wind turbine blades. The C2-projects is a part of the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Program (RED-Program), where 30m DKK (30.82m CNY) from 2009-2014 were allocated to joint research projects. Common for all the projects is that they bring together Chinese and Danish expertise and experiences in a joint effort to promote deployment of renewables as well as technological innovation.

Working across cultural differences, time differences and language barriers has been a challenge for many of the projects, but the projects have also shown that these challenges are by no means insurmountable, and not least, that there are good synergies between Danish and Chinese strengths. Denmark’s expertise within renewables is widely recognised in China and Danish researchers’ knowledge, method and experiences are highly valued among Chinese colleagues. China, on the other hand, has big scale, large investments and a rapid development, which is a suitable runway for the demonstration and development of new renewable energy technologies.

It takes time to build up good working relations – especially in a cross cultural context. Therefore, it is a significant benefit for the 12 projects that some participants’ are interested in a continued cooperation with their partners beyond the existing projects. Thus new partnerships are ready to bridge between China and Denmark for the future facilitation of new renewable energy technologies in China.

Anton Beck
Center for Global Rådgivning og Forhandling
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Søren Mensal Kristensen
Center for Global Rådgivning og Forhandling