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China: Denmark and China intensify cooperation on renewable energy

Press release   •   Feb 23, 2012 01:00 CET

Denmark launches cooperation with China that will contribute to convert the Chinese energy supply to a climate friendly and “low carbon” energy system. The cooperation may lead to increased demand for green products from Danish companies.

Today the Danish Energy Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) in connection with the establishment of the energy centre. Due to the agreement the two institutions will henceforward cooperate on development, distribution and use of renewable energy sources. The cooperation will increase the exchange of experiences and at the same time lead the way for increased application of Danish solutions in China. The Danish Energy Agency will moreover assist the centre with Danish experiences and expertise on technology and within construction and administration of development programmes and advanced energy systems.

China’s five-year plan 2011-2015 features clear objectives to strengthen the country’s energy security, develop the energy sector towards a greener and more energy efficient standard and mitigate climate changes.

The Danish minister for Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard finds very promising perspectives in the cooperation and states:

- China will strengthen the development within inter alia renewable energy, energy infrastructure and energy savings. It is obvious that we from Danish side have something to offer to this development. The shift to a low carbon emission economy in China and other growing economies is essential if we are to solve the challenge of global climate change. At the same time, the readjustment to a greener energy system in China creates great opportunities for Danish companies. These areas have a great potential for green growth within which Denmark is internationally leading.

During the last two years, two Chinese manufacturers of wind turbines have set up research and development activities in Denmark. The cooperation agreement might contribute to more Chinese companies going the same way.

The Ministry for Climate, Energy and Building already has a number of cooperation agreements with Chinese authorities and partners covering integration of renewable energy to the power grid, ground water mapping and geological surveys, meteorological research including mapping of wind resources, climate changes and CDM projects.

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