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China: Cooperation improves energy efficiency policy

Press release   •   Mar 04, 2014 01:00 CET

On Tuesday February 25 the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) met with the Chinese National Energy Conservation Center (NECC) in Beijing to discuss the implementation and future work programme for a co-operation agreement that was signed in June 2013. A major focus for this agreement is energy efficiency policy.

March 5, 2014

Representatives from DEA and NECC met on Tuesday, February 25, in Beijing to discuss the implementation and future work programme for the co-operation between the two organizations. Part of the meeting focused on Chinese and Danish policies on both renewable energy and energy efficiency. Both countries have a number of energy policies already in place, and the hope is that both countries through a joint effort will be able to improve these policies and be inspired to take new approaches to energy efficiency. DEA was particularly interested in China’s use of the ESCO-model and the Chinese subsidy schemes on energy efficiency while NECC representatives were given a presentation on Denmark’s ambitious climate goal to become fossil free in 2050 and how energy management systems are promoted in Denmark.

DEA and NECC are planning to collaborate on a workshop that is to be conducted in Beijing on the utilization of excess heat from industrial processes for district heating. Another workshop will focus on policies to promote energy management systems and include a study tour to factories in Denmark, which utilize such energy management systems. In companies, where such management systems have been utilized in Denmark, it is known from experience that companies can reduce their energy consumption by 10-20 pct. over a 1-2 year period after implementation of energy management systems.

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