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China: CNREC and DEA workplan 2014

Press release   •   May 07, 2014 02:00 CEST

At the 4th Steering Committee meeting in April between China National Renewable Energy Center and the Danish Energy Agency, the ongoing work of the cooperation was discussed.

Work plan 2014

At the meeting on 14 April 2014 the China National Renewable Energy Center (CNREC) and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) work plan for 2014 was discussed and the parties agreed on the topics laid down in the work plan. The work will proceed throughout 2014 as follows:

The work plan outlines the DEA/CNREC cooperation within energy policy and system analyses, power system development, renewable energy for heating, roadmap review for solar energy, bioenergy and offshore wind power and wind energy and the finalization of the Sino-Danish energy research cooperation partnership projects during 2014. Among others the Chinese experts call for enhanced understanding of the Danish and European energy strategies and experiences – especially on a flexible energy system, long-term planning and different market set-ups. Also the work to integrate environmental costs into the continued scenario study will be a task in 2014.

Chinese demand for EU/Danish experiences

CNREC stressed the need to address how the Danish and EU power markets have formulated their trading schemes – also enabling the legal environment. Secondly, how the current power markets have promoted the renewable energy (RE) development, which barriers/regulations/laws are in conflict with RE law/promotion, how the Danish market has balanced RE versus conventional power/energy and which incentives there are for coal power plants to become flexible.

The necessity to streamline the questions to what are the key priorities was discussed – e.g. price setting, regulation etc. – as there is a general perception that there are now different challenges with RE than 10 years ago because of a more complex composition of RE development and power market.

Initiation and set-up of energy cooperation platforms

The development of China Variable Generation Integration Group, CVIG, is being initiated, which will provide support the focus the integration of RE. The work process will be the building up a series of events and working methodologies that ensure that all parties work on topics, continuously. A seminar is tentatively scheduled for May 21 at CNREC headquarters in Beijing with the participation of DEA.

As for RE heating the same idea prevail to establish a platform. Furthermore, Danish experiences must be included, distributed and discussed. Especially the design and technology as well as guidelines need more attention in China.

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CNREC and DEA Workplan 2014 April

Søren Mensal Kristensen
Center for Global Rådgivning og Forhandling