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China: Chinese energy authorities looking to strengthen ties with Denmark

Press release   •   Apr 08, 2014 02:00 CEST

Exchange of knowledge and capacity building continues to be an important part of the Sino-Danish cooperation on renewable energy and energy efficiency. One way to secure the transferring of knowledge is through ongoing dialogue. Thus, The Danish Energy Agency headed a Renewable Energy Seminar recently hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing.

April 9 2014

The one day seminar on renewable energy was held in Beijing at the Royal Danish Embassy on April 3 2014. The seminar was opened by Mr Liang Zhipeng from the National Energy Administration (NEA) who highlighted the good and fruitful cooperation between Denmark and China and encouraged both Danish and Chinese companies to join forces in order to import Danish technology and knowledge to China. Mr. Zhipeng acknowledged that the extended use of coal in China needed to be reduced in order to fight the growing air pollution problem in China and that the immediate step would be to focus on the heat sector. Today, there are more than 100 green counties in China who aim to replace coal in the heat sector and in near future Mr. Zhipeng expect the amount of green counties to be scaled up further.

During the seminar a number of different speakers gave their presentations on renewable energy solutions: CEO, Benny Mai of Dong Energy talked about gasification and biomass combustion; Professor Lin Weigang from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark talked about the challenges of co-firing coal and straw; and Senior Advisor Erik Kjaer from the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) talked about wind and the integration of electric boilers and heat pumps in district heating.

District heating solutions and heat planning

During the afternoon session Richard Yang of Grundfos and Mikael Hansen from Kamstrup talked about efficiency, handling and metering of district heating. And Kaare Sandholdt from the China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) introduced the Danish software “Energypro” which is designed to control large energy systems in order to achieve the best possible outcome both energy wise and economically.

The last presentation at the seminar revolved around the heat planning process in Yilan county which DEA was involved in during the last part of 2013. Yilan is a green county and the aim is to reduce the consumption of coal with 50 % in the heat sector. The presentation was opened by Director Ni Longbin, from Yilan County DRC – who highlighted the good cooperation they have had with Denmark and who was looking forward to strengthen the cooperation further.

The heat planning process was then presented by the consultant from Beijing Oriental Essence Energy Investment Co. Ltd. and by Senior Advisor Ole Emmik Sørensen from DEA. The conclusion from Yilan is that there is excess biomass, excess electricity and many possibilities to reduce energy consumption in the province. With the combination of Danish expertise and Chinese willpower a 50 % reduction target can easily be met.

For further information about the Danish-Chinese cooperation please go here and for more on district heating in China please go here.

Fact sheet on Yilan project

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