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Call for tenders on aid for solar PV

Press release   •   Nov 11, 2016 16:00 CET

The Danish Energy Agency calls for tenders from businesses and private individuals regarding aid for 20 MW solar PV. A part of the tender is cross-border as 2.4 MW will be open to solar PV projects located in Germany. At the same time Germany conducts a tender on support for 50 MW solar PV, which is also open to installations in Denmark.

The Danish Energy Agency conducts a pilot tender of price premiums for electricity from 20 MW solar PV of which 2.4 MW can also be located in Germany.

The Danish Energy Agency wishes to sign contracts for price premiums for electricity from a number of solar PV installations each with a maximum size of 2.4 MW, and with a total capacity of 20 MW.

The tender will be open to all types of entities incl. both natural and legal persons and will be decided on the basis of the lowest price premiums offered.

Competition between projects in Denmark and Germany

Tenders for solar PV projects in Denmark can compete for the total capacity of 20 MW, while tenders for solar PV projects in Germany can compete for the partial opening of 2.4 MW. As a result tenders for projects in Denmark and Germany will compete for 2.4 MW out of the total tendered capacity of 20 MW.

The Danish Energy Agency will accept the tender which makes the total capacity exceed 2.4 MW and 20 MW respectively. This means that the total capacity accepted in the tender can be maximum 22.399 MW while the total capacity of projects in Germany can be maximum 4.799 MW.

The tenderer is responsible for finding a suitable location for the solar PV installation and obtaining all relevant permits. The permits are not needed at the time when tenders are submitted.

Tender material

The tender material is available at the tender webpage.

The same tender webpage must be used for asking questions on the tender material and for submission of tenders. Tenders must be submitted electronically.


2 December 2016:  Deadline for questions

8 December 2016 at 4:00 pm:  Deadline for submission of tenders

Solar PV projects in Denmark can participate in German tender

The German Federal Network Agency currently conducts a tender of support for 50 MW solar PV, which is open to projects in Denmark.

The deadline for submission of bids in the German tender is 23 November 2016.

Information on the German tender incl. how to submit tenders etc., is available on the webpage of the German Federal Network Agency.


  • The cross-border tender of aid for solar PV constitutes the temporary solution to the potential discrimination caused by the Danish PSO-levy for the years 2015 and 2016.
  • Denmark and Germany signed a cooperation agreement on mutual opening of solar PV tenders in July 2016. This partially open tender is the Danish side of this agreement, while the German Federal Network Agency is conducting a German tender which is open to solar PV projects in Denmark.
  • The Cooperation Agreement allows solar PV projects in Germany to participate in the open part of the Danish cross-border tender in competition with projects in Denmark, while solar PV projects in Denmark can participate in the German cross-border tender in competition with solar PV projects in Germany.


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