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Vietnam: Model-based scenarios for the Vietnamese electricity sector

News   •   Nov 06, 2015 01:00 CET

As a part of the cooperation between Vietnam and the Danish Energy Agency, a workshop has been held in Hanoi on model-based scenarios for the Vietnamese electricity sector.

Like many other emerging economies, Vietnam is facing a major challenge of diversifying the power production by including domestic renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy. In fact, Vietnam has the most promising wind power potential in the whole of South-East Asia.

A new initiative on planning of integrating renewable energy in the Vietnamese electricity sector has begun and as a part of this, a one-week training course of the Danish Balmorel was carried out in Hanoi on October 19-23, 2015.

The objective of the workshop was to further enable a group of Vietnamese experts to understand the method of scenario analyses and the features and capabilities of the Balmorel modelling framework. The Balmorel model is particularly useful for planning for fluctuating energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

The training was next step after the 13 July 2015 workshop about “Model based scenario-analyses of low carbon development pathways for Vietnam”, also held in Hanoi.

Prior to the training course, a pilot model for Vietnam was developed in Balmorel to demonstrate the use of the model.

The cooperation is expected to continue with a more detailed modelling of integration of wind and solar energy. The aim is to develop an outlook report for the futures of the electricity sector in Vietnam to be finished by end 2016. The report will provide better insights into the real costs and benefit of renewable energy integration and it will outline optimal investment trajectories in order to reach specific goals at the lowest possible costs.

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