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Turkey: The Danish Energy Agency’s (DEA) Centre for Global Cooperation presents at Turkey's biggest energy fair

News   •   May 06, 2015 00:00 CEST

The Danish Energy Agency’s (DEA) Centre for Global Cooperation is this week presenting at the ICCI 2015 Fair and Conference in Turkey.

In recent years Turkey has experienced a rapid economic growth. This has included a rise in income per capita, positive demographic trends and increased urbanization. Along with this the energy demand has risen and is estimated to increase around 7 % per annum until 2023. In an effort to anticipate the challenges that increased energy consumption may provide, the Turkish government has turned its attention to renewable energy.

Among the most important stages to deliberate energy-challenges in Turkey, the ICCI 2015 Fair and Conference serves as a platform for top-level governmental officials and major industry decision-makers to exchanges information on developing technologies and systems.  Held since 1994, The 21st ICCI Fair and Conference will be held in Istanbul at the Istanbul Expo Center, May 7-8-9, 2015.
During the ICCI 2015 Fair and Conference the Danish Board of District Heating, The Danish Consulate General Istanbul, Aegean Chamber of Industry and İzmir Development Agency has jointly organizing a seminar and a B2B event in İzmir on 5th of May Tuesday. The special session focusses on the regional heating and cooling, as a part of Smart Cities, particularly the applications and finance opportunities from Denmark.

The Danish energy model provides an extremely relevant example for Turkey as it aims to completely transition to renewable energy usage by 2050 and has had great success introducing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies into its energy mix, while maintaining economic growth.

Invited to present the Danish energy model, Danish Advisor, Anders Brix Thomsen, from the Centre for Global Cooperation at the Danish Energy Agency, will share the Danish experience on Danish regulation, energy policies and planning of district heating and cooling. Additionally the Danish Board of District Heating will present the progression of the Danish district heating sector. Danish Exim Bank will describe financial solutions on new technologies and district heating systems in Turkey and finally experienced district heating and cooling technologies will be examined as to their use in the Turkish market.

District Heating and Cooling technologies provide and essential component of “smart cities and green technologies” and has been in use in Denmark the past century. The technology ensures an optimal and reliable energy supply, increasing efficiency and reduces fuel costs. Today, 63 % of the Danish households enjoy the benefit of being connected to environmentally clean and energy efficient district heating systems, which utilizes the heat and cooling from a wide variety of energy sources such as combined heat and power plants/ cogeneration (CHP), surplus heat from the industry, large solar thermal systems, geothermal heat and large-scale heat pumps.

Anders Brix Thomsen
Center for Global Rådgivning og Forhandling
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