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China is learning from the flexibility in Danish CHP plants

China is learning from the flexibility in Danish CHP plants

News   •   Aug 29, 2016 10:25 CEST

A high-level delegation from China’s National Energy Administration and representatives from 16 of the country’s thermal power plants are visiting Denmark from Monday to Wednesday for inspiration on how to optimize the utilisation of the comprehensive Chinese production of wind energy.

Ukraine: Danish-Ukrainian workshop states options to increase use of renewable energy in heating sector

News   •   Aug 19, 2016 02:00 CEST

The Ukrainian-Danish cooperation is working towards an increased use of renewable energy. Ukrainian institutions participated in a successful workshop hosted by the Danish Energy Agency contributing to the target of renewable energy in the heating sector.

South Africa: Open Procedure to assess large-scale renewable energy penetration

News   •   Aug 18, 2016 02:00 CEST

Open Procedure: Technical assistance on Assessment of Large-Scale Renewable Energy Penetration on the Dynamic Stability of the Eskom Power System

South Africa: Denmark assists South Africa in improving renewable energy regulation

News   •   Jun 13, 2016 02:00 CEST

The Department of Energy in South Africa is with help from the Danish-South African Renewable Energy Programme building a comprehensive renewable energy database to enhance energy planning and regulation of the energy sector. The programme invited from 6-10 June a South African delegation to Denmark to learn more about Danish experiences on collecting and processing data from renewable energy.

Ukraine: Closer toward a methodology on energy efficiency in industry through Ukrainian-Danish workshop

News   •   May 20, 2016 02:00 CEST

Ukrainian and Danish institutions participated in a successful workshop on the preparation of a methodology on systematic collection of data for monitoring energy efficiency at industrial sub-sector level. The Ukrainian-Danish cooperation is closer to a methodology for collection of data for monitoring energy efficiency due to the discussions at the workshop.

Ukraine: The Danish Energy Agency hosts successful workshop for Ukrainian delegation

News   •   Mar 18, 2016 01:00 CET

Ukrainian and Danish participants participated at a workshop hosted by the Danish Energy Agency from the 15th-16th of March. The visit is part of the Ukrainian-Danish energy cooperation, which supports Ukraine in strengthening their energy planning and policy.

South Africa: New activities in the Danish-South African Renewable Energy Programme

News   •   Mar 18, 2016 01:00 CET

Announcement of a call for proposals for a new project in South Africa is now announced.

China’s National Energy Administration visit Denmark to learn about thermal power plant flexibility

News   •   Feb 25, 2016 01:00 CET

Today, Chinese high level energy officials visit Denmark and the Danish Energy Agency. Denmark has decades of hands on experience in integrating renewables in the energy system, experience that can be of crucial interest to Chinese plans to boost their own green transition.

Invitation for consultation on a Danish pilot tender for solar PV

News   •   Feb 23, 2016 01:00 CET

The Danish Energy Agency will conduct a pilot tender of price premiums for electricity from 20 MW solar PV in 2016. 2.4 MW of the 20 MW is expected to be open for installations located in Germany. The Danish Energy Agency invites comments and questions on the draft conditions for the pilot tender.

South Africa: New activities in the Danish-South African Renewable Energy Programme

News   •   Feb 15, 2016 01:00 CET

Announcement of a call for proposals for a new project in South Africa is now announced.

Vietnam: TV-channel sets focus on the Danish-Vietnamese climate cooperation

News   •   Jan 12, 2016 01:00 CET

The Vietnamese television channel VTV4 has shown a 30 minutes long program on the Danish-Vietnamese climate cooperation. More specifically the TV program is about the two ongoing projects in Vietnam: CCAM (focusing on especially adaptation) and LCEE (Low Carbon Transition in Energy Efficiency). The program is structured around an interview with Charlotte Laursen (Ambassador), with clips from...

New publication on Danish experiences with regulation and planning of district heating

News   •   Jan 06, 2016 01:00 CET

The district heating (DH) system is a cornerstone in Denmark’s green and efficient energy system. In that regard, the Danish Energy Agency recently published a paper on the succesful Danish experiences with planning and regulation of DH to share with interested stakeholders. The new publication presents an overview of DH in Denmark and how the DH system, through its inherent flexibility, has...

Mexico: The Danish Energy Agency enters cooperation with Mexican think tank

News   •   Dec 22, 2015 01:00 CET

The Mexican non-profit organization, Centro Mario Molina, will cooperate with DEA on renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation.

China: The Chinese ‘demonstration province’, Zhejiang Province, learns about utilizing renewable energy from the Danish Energy Agency

News   •   Dec 09, 2015 01:00 CET

The Eastern Province of China, Zhejiang, has recently been nominated by the Chinese central government as the “demonstration province” for utilizing renewable energy and thus the Zhejiang Bureau of Energy visited Denmark to learn more about renewable energy and successful system design from the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

Denmark presents a green energy transition calculator at COP 21

News   •   Dec 09, 2015 00:00 CET

The Danish Energy Agency presented a brand new economic model for calculating international, green investments at the current climate summit in Paris. The calculator illustrates the benefits of investing in quality products as part of a cost-effective transition to renewable energy.

Renewables now cover more than half of electricity consumption

News   •   Nov 26, 2015 00:00 CET

Press Release:

The Danish government opens the doors to Chinese wind sector

News   •   Nov 18, 2015 00:00 CET

The joint effort by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the Danish Trade Council in export of Danish energy technology and solutions is paying off. Last month Vestas made an important strategic move well into the Chinese energy market.

China: Rewarding forum on energy transition held in Suzhou brings insightful outcomes for key actors on the global energy scene

News   •   Nov 18, 2015 00:00 CET

Morten Bæk, Director General of the Danish Energy Agency (DEA), was in prominent company at the International Forum on Energy Transition in China 5-7 November. The impressive and thought-through event was hosted by the National Energy Administration (NEA) of China and well-reputed International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and served as an international platform for ministers, high-profile...