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New outlook: Mexico could increase green ambitions

News   •   Dec 12, 2018 09:22 CET

Mexico’s Ministry of Energy, SENER has published the Electricity Outlook 2018, where the Danish Energy Agency has contributed with a power sector analysis.

SENER is annually producing an electricity sector outlook, which includes a 15 year plan of the electricity sector, aiming to provide information of the current situation of the energy system along with a vision of possible scenarios. The objective of the outlook is to serve as a point of support in the strategic decisions required by Mexico.

In this year’s Electricity Outlook 2018-2032, an analysis has been done with the assistance of the Danish Energy Agency about the least costs options for Mexico to achieve and surpass the clean energy goals in a scenario with large shares of wind and solar power and a scenario with nuclear energy. The simulations demonstrates large socio-economic benefits of having large shares of renewable energy in the Mexican electricity system and that more ambitious targets for clean energy and greenhouse gas emissions should considered by the country. The outlook also shows that installing large amounts of nuclear capacity is not a cost-efficient way of reducing CO2 emissions.

Ambitious goals in Mexico

Mexico has ambitious goals in terms of expansion of clean energy within the electricity sector and the reduction of national CO2 emissions. This includes goals for the share of clean energy in the electricity sector (e.g. 30% in 2021, 35% in 2024 and 50% in 2050). The Danish Energy Agency has been cooperating with SENER since 2014. The overall objective has been to efficiently integrate additional renewable energy in the power sector in line with the clean energy goals of the Energy Transition Law.

The Mexican power sector optimisation model has been developed with assistance from the Danish Energy Agency in 2016 and since then it has been used to provide inputs in SENER’s Renewable Energy Outlook 2016-2030 andElectricity Sector Outlook 2017-2031.

Read the Electricity Outlook 2018. 

About the govenment to government cooperation with Mexico

The Danish Energy Agency is cooperating with both Mexico’s Ministry of Energy, SENER and the Ministry of Environment on the following issues:

  • Modelling and long term energy scenarios
  • Energy Efficiency in industry and buildings
  • Bioenergy
  • National climate strategy, NDC-plan and technology catalogue
  • Wind atlas

Read more about the government cooperation with Mexico.


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