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Mexico: Danish companies presenting energy solutions

News   •   Sep 29, 2016 15:36 CEST

A number of Danish companies participate in a high level conference with politicians and suppliers 29 September 2016, focusing on sharing Danish and Mexican experience on gaining energy efficiency in industry and to show Danish technologies and solutions that can ensure the energy savings are realized.

As part of the Danish-Mexican Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Programme, the Danish Embassy, the Mexican Agency of Energy Efficiency (Conuee) and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) are hosting a high level conference in Mexico City 29 September, where more than 150 energy focused industries, politicians, opinion-makers and suppliers participate. The Director General of Conuee, Odon de Buen, and Director General of energy efficiency at the Mexican ministry of Energy, SENER also participate in the conference, which focuses on sharing Danish and Mexican experience on energy savings in industry. Denmark is represented by the Danish Ambassador in Mexico, Henrik Bramsen Hahn, and Danish companies Aasted, Condair, Danfoss, Grundfos and Rambøll.

At the conference, there will be presentations of the results of the last 1, 5 year of intensive work by DEA and Danish experts with energy management in the Mexican food industry, and the Danish companies will present energy savings potentials and repayment periods along with an extract of the energy saving technologies and solutions.

Expanding the Mexican-Danish Climate and Energy Cooperation

The aim of DEA’s cooperation with Mexico is to contribute to making CO2 reductions, and one of the tools to reach this is to promote energy savings. In the Mexican-Danish cooperation, this is e.g. done through a mapping of the energy efficiency potentials in selected Mexican industries, with Danish experiences as point of departure. Specific assistance has been granted to carry out a dedicated, participatory, educational program about implementation of energy management systems in selected, larger Mexican food companies. In the long term, it is expected that the companies as a consequence will move to an ISO 50 001 certification – the international energy manamgement standard - of their processes.

Through the work in the Mexican companies, it has been estimated that approximately 25 % of energy use can be saved through investments with a repayment period under 4 years. Based on this, and experiences from other countries, it is estimated that the energy savings potential in the Mexican food sector as a whole is about 15-30 % , of which around 5 % can be saved through maintenance and behavioral changes, i.e. with very low costs for Mexican companies.

Results for use by other companies in Mexico

Many of the identified energy savings projects can be duplicated and thus also interesting for other companies in the food industry. With total energy consumption in the food industry in Mexico is estimated to around 121 Petajoule, the implementation of energy management systems and completion of projects with repayment period shorter than 4 years, energy consumption would be reduced by up to 30 Petajoule on the condition of unchanged size of production. In comparison, the gross energy consumption of the Danish industrial sector was 115 Petajoule in 2015.

The work in the companies also supports the Mexican scheme for promoting energy management systems in companies, PRONASGEn. The next steps in the Danish-Mexican cooperation on energy efficiency in industry will focus on sharing the experiences and the generic energy savings projects with the food industry, and to simultaneously support further promotion of energy management systems in industry with introduction of a so-called voluntary agreement scheme. This is something Denmark has great experience with.

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