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Invitation to market dialogue on Thor offshore wind farm

News   •   Sep 05, 2019 08:00 CEST

On the 25th of November 2019, the Danish Energy Agency and Energinet will host a market dialogue for potential bidders and investors on the coming Thor offshore wind farm tender. Moreover, the Danish Energy Agency today publishes the results of the technical dialogue held in May 2019 concerning site-investigations for the Thor offshore wind site.

The Thor offshore wind farm is the first of the three new offshore wind farms with a minimum capacity of 800 MW, to be constructed before 2030, in line with the Energy Agreement of 2018. Thor is to be located in the North Sea, outside of Nissum Fjord, at a minimum distance of 20 km from the coast.

The aim of the market dialogue

The aim of the market dialogue is to optimize the tendering material in order to ultimately obtain the lowest possible bid price. During the market dialogue, the main elements of the tendering process will be presented and discussed with potential bidders and investors. Potential bidders will thus have the opportunity to influence the framework conditions and the tendering material for Thor Offshore Wind farm.

The market dialogue will mainly be focusing on the following topics:

  • Timetable for the tendering process
  • Conditions for pre-qualification
  • Award criteria and financial terms
  • Compliance penalties
  • Environmental assessment
  • Issues related to the grid connection

The market dialogue takes place on the 25th of November 2019 from 10:00 am at the Danish Energy Agency, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 43, 1577 København V.

In addition to the plenary meeting it is also possible for potential bidders and investors to arrange bilateral meetings of a more confidential nature with the Thor offshore wind team.

The bilateral meetings can be arranged between the 26th and 29thof November by contacting Special Advisor Søren Dale Pedersen (

In preparation for the market dialogue, the Danish Energy Agency will publish more information at the end of October 2019, which elaborates on the above topics, and raises key issues for discussion during the market dialogue.

A detailed program for the market dialogue is expected to be published at the end of September 2019.

Registration for the market dialogue and bilateral meetings, please register by e-mail to Special Søren Dale Pedersen ( no later than November 11, 2019.

Initiation of preliminary site-investigations

In May 2019, the Danish Energy Agency and Energinet (the Danish TSO) held a successful technical market dialogue on preliminary site-investigations for the Thor site. The dialogue resulted in requests for supplementary surveys, which could help lower the bid price. In particular, the bidders requested more knowledge about ON-SITE wind and OCEAN measurements as well as additional geotechnical surveys, which will now be included in the program for preliminary site-investigations.

Read the Danish Energy Agency’s answers to questions and suggestions in relation to additional site-investigations: “Thor, Site Investigations – Q&A from workshop 2019-05-13”.

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For additional information about the Thor offshore wind farm tender:

Chief advisor, Jeppe Lundbæk,, telefon (+45) 3392 7553

Special advisor, Søren Dale Pedersen,, telefon (+45) 3395 4323