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Invitation to a market dialogue regarding deeper preliminary geotechnical investigations at the Energy Island in the North Sea

The Danish Energy Agency will host a market dialogue for potential bidders and businesses regarding the need for deeper geotechnical data for the energy island in the North Sea

In 2021, the Danish Energy Agency conducted a market dialogue regarding preliminary site investigations as part of the initial preparations for the upcoming tenders for the energy islands in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, where the specific framework for the tender will be determined in a later political process. It is being clarified whether there is a need for deeper geotechnical data at the planned location for the artificial island in the North Sea. Therefore, the Danish Energy Agency invites to a supplementary market dialogue on the need for deeper geotechnical data.

Market dialogue – purpose and focus

The market dialogue concerns a modification of the planned preliminary geotechnical investigations for the artificial island in the North Sea undertaken by the Danish TSO Energinet.

The market dialogue has the purpose of getting feedback on the need for and timing of deeper geotechnical boreholes. The dialog will be through written input from potential bidders and relevant businesses who thereby have the opportunity to contribute with knowledge to the ongoing work on the energy island, and to ensure that the scope of site investigations are appropriate.

The purpose is to optimize the framework for the artificial island, in order to receive as thorough and qualified bids as possible and in order to ensure the best and most cost effective design of the artificial island for the benefit of the society.

Deadline for input

Until 29 April 2022 the potential bidders and relevant businesses will have the opportunity to send written comments to the Danish Energy Agency. It will not be possible to request confidential, bilateral meetings with the Danish Energy Agency.

Input from the market dialogue will be included in the decision on deeper geotechnical boreholes on the planned location of the artificial island in the North Sea.


  • In February 2021, the parties behind the climate agreement of 22nd of June 2020 have decided to establish the energy island in the North Sea as an artificial island for the purpose of collecting and distributing the power from adjacent offshore wind farms. Initially, the energy island in the North Sea will handle the power production from 3 GW windmills but in the end, the capacity will be expanded to 10 GW by the end of 2040.
  • The parties behind the climate agreement also agreed on the location of the artificial island and the first 3 GW off shore wind farms. The island and the offshore wind farms will be located in the North Sea at least 80 km west of Thorsminde.

Further information

Read "Market dialog regarding the need for deeper geotechnical data" on the DEA's website.

Read discussion paper for the market dialog. 


Katja Scharmann, Chief Advisor, phone: +45 33 92 66 72

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