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Photo: Danish Energy Agency
Photo: Danish Energy Agency

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Danish delegation visits Baden-Württemberg to strengthen dialogue on energy efficiency in buildings

A Danish delegation with representatives from public authorities, municipalities, knowledge institutions and companies is visiting Stuttgart to continue the knowledge exchange regarding energy renovation in buildings.

Denmark and Baden-Württemberg are two ambitious green front-runners, which face similar challenges within energy renovation of buildings. Based on this mutual vision a collaboration was signed in November 2017 during COP23 to share experiences and inspire each other. From the 3rd to the 5th October this cooperation will be continued with the visit from 19 Danish experts to Baden-Württemberg. The representatives will meet their German counterparts to learn from each other while discussing specific examples and methods needed to improve the energy efficiency rate for a successful energy transition.

The delegation, led by the Danish Energy Agency, will be welcomed by the Minister for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, Franz Untersteller, to discuss the role of energy efficiency in buildings for Baden-Württemberg’s green transition. Furthermore, as part of the visit the delegation will have a close look on best-practice examples, from public schools to social housing projects.

The delegation tour is the return visit to a delegation from Baden-Württemberg in spring 2018, which was headed by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector and consisted of energy officials, engineers, architects, energy consultants and journalists visited Denmark.

Baden-Württemberg is Germany’s third largest federal state lead by a coalition of the Green Party and the Christian Democratic Union. Baden-Württemberg has around 10.09 million inhabitants and is with a GDP of 477 billion Euros (14.9% of the German GDP in 2015) one of Germany’s economic power houses.

The study tour allows a broad range of Danish stakeholders get inspiration on how to improve energy renovation in existing buildings, whilst sharing some of our experiences with our partners in Baden-Wurttemberg”, Marie Louise Hansen, Head of energy efficiency, The Danish Energy Agency

"Baden-Württemberg is an inspiring innovative state. Even Denmark is following the energy transition track since many years we are facing challenges e.g. in the area of energy efficiency and we are looking forward to sharing experiences and competences with this cooperation"., Lina Gandløse Hansen, Consul General to Germany

The cooperation focusing on energy efficiency in buildings is a partnership between Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector, the Danish Energy Agency and the Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin. The study tour to BW is organized as part of this partnership, with the aim of learning from BW’s experiences, approaches and examples, while also going deeper into discussions started during the study tour in April to Denmark in order to find proposals for solutions or common projects for joint challenges to work further on after the visit.

The delegation visit is part of the Energy Governance Partnership from 2017 to 2019 with the aim to build a value partnership between German and Danish authorities to share experiences on the green transition and to learn from each other. The cooperation partners on the Danish side are the Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With the Danish Energy Agreement from June 2018 the Danish government will extend the cooperation with further resources.

You can find further information on Danish experiences on energy efficiency in buildings in the White Paper on Energy Renovation of Buildings. It provides insides into the regulatory framework, holistic renovation scenarios and smart energy systems in buildings.

Helle Redder Momsen, advisor at the Danish Energy Agency, 



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