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Anholt Offshore Wind Farm will be the largest in Denmark

Press releases   •   Jul 02, 2010 02:00 CEST

The political parties behind the energy agreement of February 2008 have accepted the offer from DONG Energy to build and operate Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.

Green Labs launched

Press releases   •   Jun 21, 2010 02:00 CEST

Following a comprehensive round of consultations in the entire Danish clean-tech sector, the first applications are now being called for in the “Green Labs DK” subsidy programme. The programme gives subsidies to set up new facilities for testing and demonstration of climate technologies of international class and it is one of the flag ships of the business climate strategy. A total of DKK 210...

Actual energy consumption up by 1.0% in Q1 2010

Press releases   •   Jun 01, 2010 02:00 CEST

Actual Danish energy consumption was 1.0% higher in Q1 2010 than in Q1 2009.

Tender for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Press releases   •   Apr 07, 2010 02:00 CEST

The bidding process for the concession to build Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in Kattegat closed today, 7 April 2010, at 2 pm. The Danish Energy Agency received one offer. Dong Energy sent out a press release earlier today announcing that the company submitted a binding offer on the 400 MW wind farm. The Danish Energy Agency is now examining whether the offer is in accordance with the provisions...

Large drop in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in 2009

Press releases   •   Mar 18, 2010 01:00 CET

In 2009 Denmark’s observed energy consumption fell by 4.0 percent, whereas CO2 emissions and total greenhouse gas emissions fell by 4.1 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively. Adjusted gross energy consumption is now level with the consumption in 1980.

Consultation on the design of Green Labs DK

Press releases   •   Mar 05, 2010 01:00 CET

As part of its Green Growth Strategy the Danish Government has granted 210 million DKK (approx. € 28.2 mill.) over a period of three years to support the establishment of a few strategic test laboratories – so called Green Labs – where national as well as international businesses can demonstrate and test new green technologies in full scale and under realistic circumstances. As part of an open...

Danish production of natural gas fell in 2009

Press releases   •   Feb 08, 2010 01:00 CET

In 2009, Danish North Sea fields produced 8.0 bn. Nm3 natural gas. This is a decrease of 16.5% compared with 2008. The decrease was in particular due to less sales of natural gas for exports, but also lower domestic natural gas consumption in 2009.In 2009, domestic natural gas consumption fell by 3.9% to 4.2 bn. Nm3.Exports of natural gas fell by 27.4% due to a significant drop in exports to...

Electricity consumption fell in 2009

Press releases   •   Feb 08, 2010 01:00 CET

In 2009, Danish domestic electricity supply fell by 3.9% compared with 2008. This fall was greatest west of the Great Belt (ie, on Funen and in Jutland), where  domestic electricity supply fell by 4.8% compared with 2008, whereas in eastern Denmark it fell by 2.4%. Domestic electricity supply is a good indicator of electricity consumption before including net losses.Electricity supply in...

The exploration well Luke-1X in the Danish North Sea discovered gas and condensate

Press releases   •   Jan 13, 2010 01:00 CET

As operator for the companies in Licence 8/06 Mærsk Olie og Gas AS has drilled the Luke-1X (5504/6-6) exploration well in the westernmost part of the Danish part of North Sea. The well discovered gas/condensate in sandstone of Middle Jurassic age.

Polar Science Day in the energy agency

Press releases   •   Dec 18, 2009 01:00 CET

On December 15 the Danish Energy Agency hosted the annual Polar Science Day in cooperation with the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation.The theme this year was "Arctic Climate Change and why it is so important" and the arrangement attracted more than 200 participants from the Danish and international science community, students and also from the general public.   The programme...

Appraisal well Ravn-3 in the Danish North Sea confirmed oil

Press releases   •   Dec 16, 2009 01:00 CET

As operator for the companies in Licence 5/06 Wintershall Noordzee B.V. has drilled the Ravn-3 appraisal well in the westernmost part of the Danish part of North Sea. The well confirmed the presence of oil

Update of the Danish Energy Agency’s five-year forecast of Danish oil and gas production

Press releases   •   Dec 15, 2009 01:00 CET

Expected oil production for 2009 is written down 1 per cent compared to the annual report. The expected production of natural gas is written down 12 per cent.

Invitation to the opening of Arctic Venue on December 12

Press releases   •   Dec 12, 2009 01:00 CET

Arctic Venue opens on Saturday December 12 at 1-3 pm at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen

English-language portal on climate change adaptation in Denmark

Press releases   •   Dec 08, 2009 01:00 CET

The most important sections of the Danish Portal for Adaptation to Climate Change ( have been translated into English and will be presented during COP15.

Collaboration among authorities makes carbon trading fraud more difficult

Press releases   •   Dec 03, 2009 01:00 CET

Danish daily newspaper Ekstra Bladet claims on 1 December that Denmark is a haven for carbon trading fraudsters. Neither the Danish tax authorities nor the Danish Energy Agency agrees with this claim.  

Tender on Support, Maintenance and further Development of The Danish Emission Trading Registry

Press releases   •   Nov 16, 2009 01:00 CET

The Danish Energy Agency offers a contract on support, maintenance and further development of the Danish Emission Trading Registry November 16th 2009

New Open Door application

Press releases   •   Sep 28, 2009 02:00 CEST

The Danish Energy Agency has received a licence application for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Open Door Area.

Actual energy consumption down by 7.3% in Q2 2009

Press releases   •   Sep 07, 2009 02:00 CEST

Actual Danish energy consumption was 7.3% lower in Q2 than in Q2 2008. Coal and oil consumption has fallen in particular. Consumption of coal and coke fell by 15.2%, while oil consumption fell by 6.7%. Consumption of natural gas fell by 4.9%. 

Close to DKK 35.9 billion state revenue from oil and gas activities in 2008

Press releases   •   Jun 15, 2009 02:00 CEST

The production of oil and natural gas, coupled with record oil prices in 2008, meant that the Danish state generated close to DKK 35.9 billion in taxes and fees from the activities in the North Sea last year.

New Open Door application

Press releases   •   May 12, 2009 02:00 CEST

The Danish Energy Agency has on 11 May 2009 received an application for a licence for exploration for and production of hydrocarbons in the Open Door Area.