New Nord Stream 2 application for two southern route options

Press Releases   •   Apr 15, 2019 12:22 CEST

The DEA has received an additional application from Nord Stream 2 AG for permission to construct transit pipelines south of Bornholm on the continental shelf.

Technical dialogue on site-investigations for Thor offshore wind farm

Press Releases   •   Apr 12, 2019 13:52 CEST

The Danish Energy Agency hosts a technical dialogue on site-investigations with potential developers and relevant experts related to the Thor offshore wind farm tender on 13th May 2019

Slight increase in energy consumption in 2018

Press Releases   •   Apr 05, 2019 12:19 CEST

Denmark's observed energy consumption increased by 0.2% in 2018, while CO2 emissions increased by 0.3% as a result of higher consumption of fossil fuels. At the same time, a significant decline in North Sea production last year has led to a fall in total energy production of 10.5% according to the preliminary energy statistics for 2018 published by the Danish Energy Agency yesterday.

The Danish Energy Agency helps Egypt on the journey towards a greener future

Press Releases   •   Mar 15, 2019 10:30 CET

Egypt now becomes the 15th country collaborating bilaterally with the Danish Energy Agency. The collaboration will focus on securing more renewable energy in the Egyptian energy system, and will help Egypt achieving its goal of increasing the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption from 9% to 43% by 2035.

The offshore substation and the export cables is included in the scope of the Danish offshore wind farm tender

Press Releases   •   Mar 12, 2019 13:01 CET

The offshore windfarm Thor will be tendered through tender with negotiation like in the previous Danish offshore wind tenders, and the grid connection from the wind farm to the onshore point of connection will be included in the scope of the tender.

New EIA process for Vesterhav Syd initiated

Press Releases   •   Feb 08, 2019 12:46 CET

The Energy Board of Appeal has cancelled and withdrawn the part of the construction licence for the Vesterhav Syd Offshore Wind Farm concerning assessment of environmental impacts, with a view to renewed processing by the Danish Energy Agency. A new EIA process has been initiated.

Continued interest in search for oil and gas in the Danish North Sea

Press Releases   •   Feb 05, 2019 10:18 CET

In the 8th Licensing Round, the DEA has received 5 applications for licences to exploration for and production of oil and gas.

Lighthouse of Danish-Indonesian Island-cooperation has great potential for renewable energy

Press Releases   •   Jan 23, 2019 13:23 CET

Two recent analyses show that both solar, wind and biomass are competitive technologies on the island Lombok, in Indonesia. Furthermore it is shown that integrating 60% renewable energy into Lombok’s power grid, by 2030, is a cost-efficient initiative. These analyses are a result of the Danish-Indonesian energy cooperation.

Denmark and Indonesia collaborate on developing sustainable islands

News   •   Dec 13, 2018 14:51 CET

Today the Danish-Indonesian island cooperation presented two analyses to support the low carbon transition in Lombok. The analyses suggest that a renewable energy share close to 60 % in the power system can be cost-efficient solution by 2030.

New outlook: Mexico could increase green ambitions

News   •   Dec 12, 2018 09:22 CET

Mexico’s Ministry of Energy, SENER has published the Electricity Outlook 2018, where the Danish Energy Agency has contributed with a power sector analysis.

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